City of Seattle

Norman B. Rice, Mayor

Department of Construction and Land Use

R. EKrochalis. Director

December 5, 1997

John Dickinson
RE: Properties North of 2000 South Graham Street

Dear Mr. Dickinson:
Mayor Rice has referred to me your letter of October 30, 1997, in which you purport to represent the interests of nine homeowners with property to the north of Graham Street South, between 21"' and 23" Avenues South. You state that a forested parcel of land near or adjacent to these houses was formerly used for burial purposes as a part of a cemetery, and that the owners did not have knowledge of this when they bought their property. (It is not clear to us, from your letter, whether you are asserting that portions of these properties were actually used for burial, or whether the concern is merely their proximity to a graveyard.) On behalf of these owners, you make a number of substantial requests, including temporary relocation of the residents, reimbursement for the value of the homes and certain personal property as well as moving expenses for each of the households. In addition, you make a number of requests for City assistance in restoring a portion of the cemetery, and a number of other requests on staffing issues that are apparently unrelated to the cemetery including my resignation.
(Mr. Krochalis and Sidran were both sent packing)
The Department of Construction and Land Use did not, and does not, have any basis for concluding that the properties you have referred to have ever been used for burial purposes. In granting permits for development, the City does not give assurances as to the title, history or conditions of a piece of property. If the owners feel that the nature of the property was misrepresented to them in some material way, this is a private matter that they must take up with the sellers of the property. If you, or any of these owners, believe they have a legitimate claim against the City, that claim must be submitted to the City Attorney's office.
It has come to our attention that you have been cutting brush in an area designated as an Environmentally Critical area (habitat) as a part of your cemetery restoration project. Cutting brush in such an area is strictly limited, requiring a permit from this Department and a showing that the cutting is necessary and will not adversely affect the habitat area. Our enforcement staff is looking into these complaints, and will take appropriate action. if you have any questions about brush cutting issues, please call the Land Use Information staff at (206) 684-8850.
R. F. Krochalis, Director
c: Mayor Rice
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