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David from LifeFX

Rachael from LifeFX

Rachael from LifeFX

David from LifeFX

Rachael from LifeFX

Rachael from LifeFX

INGREDIENTS: Organic Cannabis and Cotton Organic Cannabis and Cotton
Your Cannabis Sleeper will help you.
Use it to help others.
The cannabis sleeper is a medical device for many ailments. 60% cannabis, 40% cotton. Click the paypal, donate $40, and another Cannabis Sleeper will be donated to another.

Cannibis Sleeper

INGREDIENTS: Great Domains from Domain People Great Domains from Domain People
Someday everyone will have their own domain. When you are ready to secure your personal stop on the world wide web, register your name with Domain People. Enter your name in the box, and let them take care of all your needs. Good people, offering great support. WorldPerc BAZAAR keeps the prices low.


INGREDIENTS: stainless steel, dacron, nylon, brass, velcro
WorldPerc is proud to offer the Bazaar Pavilion for our members. A pavilion refers to a free-standing structure whose architecture makes it an object of pleasure. There is a connection with relaxation and pleasure in its intended use. The Bazaar Pavilion is offered on a lease basis by the US PER Council, to aid in its mission to provide =access to housing.

US PER Council Proposal>

See Neighbood Plan Section T-3.3 Page 75

Patio tent WorldPerc Pavilions are intended to be used for an unlimited variety of functions. Street markets, existing business additions, weekend get-away shelters, tradeshows, and fund raising festivals are just a few of the ideas for their use. Its inviting design makes the Bazaar Pavilion the focus of every gathering.

Car tent

WorldPerc Pavilion

Car tent Quick and easy to assemble on site, the Bazaar Pavilion is sturdy and able to withstand severe weather conditions for years of rugged use. The Bazaar Pavilion is constructed of the finest materials to exacting standards. Fabrics are fire retardant and UV resistant. Options include your choice of fabrics and personalized silk screening with your organization's graphics.

Tent with connector

Connected tent

See other examples: Gallery shots of patio application

Gallery shot at Radar Lake.

With a footprint of one hundred square feet, each Bazaar Pavilion is a very economical addition to your business. Optional components make the individual Bazaar Pavilions adaptable to many situations. Each basic Bazaar Pavilion comes with the Pavilion tent canopy, stainless steel frame, three walls, one zippered door and one connector. Mosquito net walls, extra connectors and doors can be ordered to create a Bazaar Pavilion of any size and shape. Every panel can be silk screened with your own eye-catching graphics.

K9 tent

Agility tent

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