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Jodi Rothfield Casting Associates, c.s.a
1600 Dexter Avenue North, Suite A
Seattle, WA 98109
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Ronnie Yeskel, c.s.a
3231 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405
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Heidi Walker
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1600 Dexter Avenue North, Suite A
Seattle, WA 98109
When Jodi Rothfield and Heidi Walker work together on a film or television series, their nickname is Big Pants. Recent projects have included: The Fugitive, CBS/Warner Bros., TV series, 2000-2001; Citizen Baines, CBS/Warner Bros., TV series, 2001; Ring, DreamWorks, feature film, 2001; Life or Something Like It, New Regency Productions/Fox, feature film, 2002, and Outpatient, Clear Pictures, Indie film, 2001. Jade, feature film, 1995, The Underneath, feature film and L.A. Law, TV series, have combined the talents of both Jodi and Ronnie Yeskel.

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NEWS: Big Pants Casting has added new online services for our clients:

Personal Websites
In addition to registering you searchable resume, you can now create a personal contact website. After signing in, create an additional public profile, making sure that you only put one word in each of the FirstName and LastName boxes. Submit, and then put online. Your website will read,

Digital Delivery
Production can request access to the complete audition list online, while waiting for physical delivery of the stat sheets and Polaroids.

Digital Delivery can include links to resumes when available. (another important reason for actors to keep their registry current)

A forum component has been added to give directors a private place to communicate with their cast and crew. A message posted is immediated sent to only those on the list. The message board can be checked directly from anywhere, thereby bypassing all the junk mail and spam. (Everyone is invited to contribute to the public forums on how to get more jobs in their hometown).

Explore the T5 Sessions on 03July.05, and imagine other ways you can use this calendar to keep your shoots on schedule and coordinated. The calendar events can also be private.

Clearances with the unions are completed in-house.

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Resumes Talking resumes will soon be offered as the quality and pricing meet our requirements.

BAZAAR A worldwide marketplace for members only is soon to open!

CastLinks A page for you to find a casting session in your town will soon be online. Are you Chadwick, Illinois's hottest writer of chiamus's? Is playing the accordian your talent in Alviso, California? You can find out if you are needed for a session near you on this page.

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